Department of Civil Engineering

The department of Civil Engineering was established in the year 2009. The academic activities of the department lays emphasis on deep understanding of Civil Engineering concept, ability to handle the challenges in the field and the technical knowledge to overcome problem which are interdisciplinary in the nature. The department is actively involved in basic and applied to research and consultancy and provides high quality advisory support. The department has experienced faculty members who are actively in the area like Smart structure, Nano technology, Modeling, Total station surveying, Advance civil software, Water and waste water treatment, Transportation and planning and soil stability.

About Workshop

The workshop is organized to impart the knowledge of applications of software skill in surveying, planning, drawing, designing, analyzing, and development. This workshop offers chance for the students to get new ideas and application practices face to face.

The Objectives Are

  • To provide the knowledge of surveying by using total station
  • To teach the estimation and analysis of building using the software.
  • To deliver the advantages of simulation modeling and analyzing using G1S

Mandatory Disclosure 2023-2024