Dr.A.Sivakumar, M.E., M.S., PGDBA, DMM, Ph.D., LL.B.


I am delighted to welcome you to VVIT

Our Core Aspiration is to provide Educational Excellence, in that every student makes a positive difference during their time with us. Our expectation for excellence ensures that our students enjoy college in a happy, safe, and secure atmosphere that is designed to help them fulfil their potential. Our goal is to create a caring, supportive, and challenging environment for students, which will allow them to grow and flourish to esteemed heights.

To meet the needs of a high standard of education, we incorporate the best and most innovative practices of Education and Technology together. Also, we knew about the role of a teacher in the welfare and progress of the student. At VVIT, we hire highly qualified, intrinsically motivated, dynamic professionals who ensure the academic and personal development of students and strengthen our vision and mission.

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